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Introducing our Northern Lights Coffee! These 6 blends will transport you through the serene night sky.


Polar Lights - Bright blonde roasted coffee wiht a sour tang that mellows out to a soft and salty malt-like flavor.


Aurora Borealis - Smooth medium roast blend of buttery chocolates and fruit notes. Makes for a sweet finish.


64N 147 W - Smooth medium origin coffee with a sweet essence of nuts, soft chocolates, and light citrus presence.


Arctic Lights - Full roasted body texture. A dark citrus - cherry flavor with a brown sugar and spicy finish.


Solar Storm - Dark smooth roast journey wiht a sweet dark chocolate flavor complete wiht a rich decadent finish.


Winter Solstice - Awaken your bold senses.  Dark smokey roast that mellows with a soft caramel-like finish. 

12oz Northern Lights

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